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•    How much it costs to send message?
Standard price of sending one message (160 symbols) is 5 tetri. If you want to send messages in large quantities in certain periods, please contact us on number 2 19 40 14 in order to get a special price.
•    How to register?
Registering is possible from the authorization panel on the right upper corner of the home page.
First click on Login and then Registration.



-    What is Sender ID/Brand Name and how it works?
This is the message sender's name, which will appear at addressee field. It can consist of a maximum 11 characters. Brand Name granting and activation fee is 100 GEL (+ 100 SMS- gift from the company "SMSco").
Only numbers and Latin letters are allowed to be used in Brand name.
-    How to send SMS from Excel File?
You can send SMS from CSV as well as XLS (97-2003 Workbook) format Excel file from menu, SMS Excel file. For this, all columns shall have the name, as for the phone numbers, they shall be given in the first column, e.g.:

Example I – Download Excel File

Example I – Download Excel File

Examples, which you can download and fill up as your desire. You can add or delete columns, change the names of the columns and of course text data that has been already recorded.
Possible options of uploading file:
-    Maximal amount of columns 50
-    Maximal amount of lines is unlimited.
-    In order to exclude the error, the file must not contain the united cells.
-    You can upload even formatted file (with colors of cells, frames and others).
-    File may contain more than one page.
-    The page on the first place of the Excel file is readable only, despite its name.
-    You can upload files with any name.
-    Data can be in Unicode, as well as with standard Latin symbols.
-    Unicode characters are automatically translated into the correspondent Latin equivalents.
-    How many messages can I send in a minute?
There is no limit on the messages that can be sent in 1 minute.
-    Is it possible to send messages to any mobile phone model?
Yes, it is.
-    Is it possible to send messages to any operator?
Any GSM mobile operators in Georgia.
-    How many characters are there in a single SMS?
Maximal length of one SMS is 160 symbols.
-    What is the maximal length of SMS?
You can send maximum 474 symbols at one time, which means the customer will receive one long SMS. However, in reality 3 grouped SMS will be sent. Accordingly, the price of 3 SMS will be cut from your account.
-    How long does it take message to go to the addressee?
Message is sent immediately. Exact time of message arrival depends on many factors. However, the average time is 3 seconds from the pressing the send button.
-    How to check my balance?
Your balance is seen in the title of every page in “My SMS Account” menu.
-    What is the maximum time that I have to use my balance?
The standard package balance has no time limit and you can use it any time.
-    What are the limits while sending SMS?
Limit of sending SMS from Excel file is 2000 SMS at one time.
-    How to check whether the sent SMS arrived to the addressee or not?
You can check the statuses of the sent messages – My SMS account - >>Message history.
-    Can I integrate SMS sending system with my company’s database /billing system?
You can, if you wish it, we can help you.
-    How to fill an account?
My SMS Account can be recharged from the menu ---> Fill the account.
Recharging is possible by bank transfer, Visa or MasterCard credit cards, smart cards, or eMoney system (payment option Pay).
You just need to switch to the relevant page of the fill the account link.
Recharging is also possible from TBC PAY boxes ---> Internet services; commerce and entertainment ---> commerce --->SMSco ---> enter your five-digit identification number and fill the balance.

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